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Do Cockatiels Like Music?

Do cockatiels like music

Cockatiels are thought to be very bright for birds and have been observed mimicking certain noises. But do cockatiels like music? While it’s fascinating to observe them bob their heads while you are playing music or listen to their varied musical songs, there’s some doubt if they actually like it as we do. Let’s see what happens.

Do Cockatiels Like Music

Do Cockatiels Like Music?

Do cockatiels like music? Do cockatiel listen to music? Yes, cockatiels enjoy music. Cockatiels, like most parrot species, enjoy music as well. Because these birds have their own musical preferences, finding the song type may be difficult. But once you’ve discovered it, you’ll notice that they love it immensely, attempting to mimic the lyrics and bobbing their heads to the rhythms. However, they find loud sounds and electronic dance music annoting.

Do Cockatiels Like Music: Why?

Laughter and music are some of the world’s best forms of medicine. They can help lower our stress levels, reduce anxiety, regulate emotions, and make us feel relaxed and happy.

But why do cockatiels like music? Although they lack the complex neurological structure that we possess, these little birdies have alpha-synuclein (a protein) in their body. This protein releases dopamine, the happy hormone, whenever they listen to a melody. And since it makes them happy and relaxed, it’s obvious that they would like it.


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Dr Cockatiel is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.


Do Cockatiels Like Music: What Kind Of Music?

Do Cockatiels Like Music

Wondering if your bird only responds to certain types of music? In this section, we’ll discover what kind of tunes trigger a dopamine release in cockatiels and why they like it.

Several research have indicated that parrots may be picky about the sort of music they enjoy. Cockatiels, who are in the parrot family, share these same interests. While their taste in music can vary from person to person, the following are some of the types of music they are known to like:

Pop Music

Light pop music isn’t just for humans–many cockatiels enjoy it too! If your bird is bopping its head and seems particularly engaged when you play pop songs, don’t be surprised.

Rap Music

Cockatiels, like many birds, can be receptive to a variety of music genres, including rap music. However, their preferences can vary from bird to bird, with some cockatiels enjoying a particular type of music while others may not seem interested. The best way to find out if your cockatiel likes to listen to rap music is to play some and observe their reaction. It’s essential to monitor your bird’s response to the volume and tempo, as loud and fast-paced music can cause stress for some birds.

The Sound Of Nature

Cockatiels in the wild are exposed to plenty of natural sounds that they can connect with, such as other birds chirping, leaves rustling in the wind, flowing water, and more.

If you play these sounds for your feathered pets, they will feel at home. The sounds of their natural environment make them feel safe in your house.

Classical Music

They enjoy classical music and instrumental music. The same classical tunes that you enjoy will likely be appealed to your cockatiels as well. The smooth texture of the music is pleasing to all ears, yours and your feathered pets’ alike.

Do Cockatiels Like Music

How Would You Know Whether Cockatiels Like Music Or Not?

Are you concerned that you won’t be able to tell if your feathery pets are enjoying the music you play for them? You shouldn’t be. Cockatiels, like other parrots, are highly expressive and will find a way to communicate their emotions to their owners; music is no exception. When they listen to music, here are some of the obvious indications that you’ll see:

The sound of a cockatiel chirping is music to a pet parent’s ears, as it means their bird is happy. Cockatiels will often chirp in the morning after a good night’s sleep or right after eating. So, if you hear your cockatiel chiming along with some tunes, that’s definitely a good sign!

When a cockatiel is very pleased, its feathers are fluffed. It’s a good indication if they’re doing it while listening to music. Occasionally, you’ll see them fluffing out their cheek feathers over their beak, which shows that they like your song and strongly approve of it.

Happy Cockatiel Sounds

Cockatiels are incredibly social creatures, and they love to amuse themselves with various sounds, including happy cockatiel sounds. Imagine a room resonating with the sound of loud music, and you might just find a couple of enthusiastic cockatiels jamming along to the beat. Cockatiels love listening to music, and different genres of music affect cockatiels in unique ways.

Loud sounds and music can be a source of entertainment for these small, feathered friends, but it’s essential to pay attention to how the music affects each bird. Research has found that cockatiels understand music genres and respond individually to different types of music. In some cases, cockatiels even associate background noises with specific activities or moods.

Placing a cockatiel’s cage near a musical source allows the bird to enjoy the ambience and vibrations of the songs and beats. However, discretion is advised when playing loud or jarring noises as it can cause fear or discomfort to the bird. It’s essential to strike a balance between music the bird enjoys and peaceful calmness in their environment.

When exposed to human sounds, like conversation or laughter, cockatiels feel more at ease and enjoy the company. In fact, some cockatiels may even attempt to imitate these sounds, creating a unique and delightful bond between the bird and their human family.

Experimenting with different genres of music can be an enjoyable activity for both the cockatiel and their human friend. Many birds prefer calm and comforting melodies that generate feelings of warmth and relaxation. It’s exciting to discover your cockatiel’s preference and play various songs to see their response.

While playing rap music might unveil a hidden passion for rhythm and beats in your cockatiel, remember to ensure the volume is controlled to prevent shocking or scaring the bird. Loud or unexpected music may adversely affect the cockatiel by causing stress or anxiety.

Cockatiels also love interacting with the sounds and songs of other birds. They may mimic the melodies of other bird species in their environment, creating a diverse and charming blend of notes. These avian creatures thrive in environments filled with new and interesting sounds.

Do Cockatiels Like Music-Bottom Line

Now you know that not only do cockatiels love listening to music, but they can also be quite choosy about the type of tunes they enjoy. So, don’t be afraid to play music or cockatiel training songs, and experiment with different music genres and happy cockatiel sounds until you find the perfect one for your little birdie. And once you do, sit back and enjoy the show as they bob their heads and chirp along!