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Can Cockatiels Eat Tomatoes

Can Cockatiels Eat Tomatoes?

Can cockatiels eat tomatoes? We as bird owners understand that our birds need a nutritious diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on

Can Cockatiels Eat Celery

Can Cockatiels Eat Celery?

Can cockatiels eat celery? The cockatiel is a tiny parrot that has become quite popular as a pet because of its happy disposition and loving

can cockatiels eat eggs

Can Cockatiels Eat Eggs?

A common question that many new cockatiel owners have is, can cockatiels eat eggs? The simple answer is yes, cockatiels can eat eggs. However, there

do cockatiels need grit

Do Cockatiels Need Grit?

Cockatiels are notorious for being messy eaters. They fling their food everywhere, and it seems like half of their pellets end up on the floor