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How do you select your cockatiel?

Once you’ve located a source for hand-fed cockatiels, it’s time to get down to selecting your pet. First, observe the birds available for sale. If

Where do you get your cockatiel?

There are several ways you can get a cockatiel, including classified newspaper ads, bird shows, and pet stores. Let’s look at the pros and cons

How does a cockatiel got her name?

The cockatiel has been classified into her own genus, Nymphicus, and has her own species name, hollandicus. The scientific name, which went through several variations

What is the cockatiel’s background?

The cockatiel originated in Australia, which is home to about fifty parrot species. In their homeland, cockatiels are sometimes called quarrion, weero, cockatoo parrot, or

What is a Cockatiel?

Welcome to the wonderful world of cockatiels! For many people, cockatiels are their introduction to the fascinating hobby of birdkeeping. Some people move on to