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What are cockatiel’s signs of illness?

What are cockatiel's signs of illness?

To help your veterinarian and to protect your pet from long-term health problems, keep a close eye on her daily activities and appearance. If something suddenly changes in the way your bird looks or acts, contact your veterinarian immediately. Birds naturally hide signs of illness to protect themselves from predators, so by the time a bird looks or acts sick, she may already be dangerously ill. Some signs of illness include:
• A fluffed-up appearance
• Loss of appetite
• Sleeping all the time
• A change in the appearance or number of droppings
• Weight loss
• Listlessness
• Drooping wings
• Lameness
• Partially eaten food stuck to the face or food has been regurgitated
onto the cage floor
• Labored breathing, with or without tail bobbing
• Runny eyes or nose
• Stops talking or singing
If your bird shows any of these signs, please contact your veterinarian’s office immediately.