Cockatiel Cage Setup: How Should I Set up My Cockatiels Cage?

cockatiel cage setup

When it comes to cockatiel cages, there are a lot of things to consider. The size of the cage is important, as is the placement of perches and toys. In this article, we will explore some of the key elements of cockatiel cage setup.



Why do cockatiels make great pets?

What’s not to love about a bird that can talk, and learn phrases and sounds from humans easily? That requires little maintenance, but still has plenty of personality. Cockatiels make great pets because they’re intelligent yet playful; you’ll have no trouble giving them all the attention they need with your busy schedule!


cockatiel cage setup

Bird cages are best when they have enough space for your pet birds to spread their wings. Cockatiels don’t like drafts, so make sure to place their cage in a warm area. They also need more than one perch to feel comfortable and love to climb, so make sure the cage has plenty of room for them.

For smaller birds like cockatiels, you’ll want to keep the cage in a cool room out of direct sunlight.

What is the ideal cockatiel’s cage size?

cockatiel cage setup

If you want to get a new cage for your cockatiel, the ideal size is at least 18”x18”x24”. If you already have a cage, and it’s smaller than this, don’t worry – you can still make it work. Just make sure to add more perches and toys to keep your pet occupied and comfortable.

It is important that the cage bars are horizontal to allow the bird to climb. To keep your bird from getting its head stuck, make sure the bars on its cage are spaced no more than half an inch apart.

The bottom of the cage should have a grate to prevent your pet from ingesting shavings. The cage floor is best covered with newspaper or pet-friendly playpen bedding.








Water and food dishes are important for your pet cockatiel. The water bowl should be deep enough so that they can drink without bobbing up or down in it, but not too much depth because then the bird might get wet while drinking and could catch colds from swimming around its home environment. Giving an extra bowl of fresh water daily is a good idea for cockatiels, as they usually also use their dishes to bathe in.


cockatiel cage setup

A cuttlebone became one of the pet bird supplies you need when caring for pet birds. The reason pet owners advised placing cuttlebones inside pet birds’ cages was that pet birds need this for them to be healthy. The cuttlebone gives pet birds the calcium and minerals they required since pet birds’ bones are too fragile.




Different types of perches offer different types of stimulation and are good for your pet’s feet. Natural wood perches or ropes are better for your pet’s feet than metal perches, which can be slippery and uncomfortable. It is also important to have enough perches in your pet’s cage so that they don’t get bored.

Pedi 鲈鱼是宠物鸟笼的绝佳补充。 Pedi 栖息处有脊或隆起,宠物鸟喜欢沿着它们的脚奔跑。脊让您的宠物有很好的伸展性,并且可以在它们这样做时去除爪子上的污垢!它有助于保持指甲修剪。


cockatiel cage setup

In addition to the proper set up of their cockatiel cages, it is essential to provide cockatiels with plenty of attention and love. This will help keep them healthy and happy. Some tips on how to take care of your bird’s health and happiness include:

  • 确保您的鸟始终能够获得清洁的水和新鲜的食物
  • 提供各种玩具供您的小鸟玩耍,包括觅食玩具、足部玩具和木制玩具
  • 经常和你的鸟说话,教他们短语和声音
  • 每天花时间和你的小鸟玩耍
  • 带你的鸟去兽医那里进行定期检查和宠物鸟美容


Cockatiel cages should be kept clean and free of waste. Regularly sweep up any debris or food that has fallen on the floor, and change the water and food dishes every day. Wipe down the bars and sides of the cage with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Give pet cockatiels pet bird cage maintenance once per week by scrubbing the entire inside the pet bird’s home. Be sure to rinse the Teflon-coated accessories with water before placing them back in the bird’s cage.


Cockatiels’ diet

玄凤鹦鹉应该有多样化的饮食,包括新鲜水果和蔬菜、种子和颗粒。他们也应该喝水。玄凤鹦鹉每天应该吃大约 1/4 到 1/2 杯食物,分为新鲜水果和蔬菜、种子和颗粒。


cockatiel cage setup

Cockatiels should take a shower every 10 to 14 days if they are allowed to play outside their cage for a period of time. If they do not have access to an open shower or bath, pet birds can be sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle instead. Pet birds should be allowed to bathe for about 15 minutes each time and should be dried off completely before being placed back in their pet bird cages.


It is very important that pet owners provide their birds with a proper cockatiel cage setup, as well as plenty of attention and love. Failure to do so can result in a variety of health problems for the bird, including diseases, starvation, or dehydration. Cockatiels are very sensitive to their environment and require a lot of attention in order to be healthy and happy.




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