Birds That Get Along With Cockatiels: The 5 Best Options

Birds That Get Along With Cockatiels

If you have a cockatiel and would like to add another bird to your flock, you must first determine what birds are suitable for your pet. The good news is cockatiels live with other birds, about the same size, since they are quiet, sociable birds that aren’t too picky about their company. This implies that you can keep your cockatiel with other tiny birds without having to worry about any conflicts. Cockatiels enjoy playing with red-crowned parakeets, turquoise parrots, and bourke parakeets, among other species.

It is quite acceptable to keep two cockatiels together. Birds slowly adopt to each other’s company. If you want to get another cockatiel, keep in mind that a male and female cockatiel will most likely breed. So, unless you want your home to be a hatchery, acquire a new cockatiel of the opposite sex of the one you have now. Cockatiels of the same gender generally get along just fine, so there’s nothing to be concerned about.

A cockatiel should not be housed with a larger, more assertive bird because the former would likely not fare well. If you do decide to get one of the aforementioned birds that gets along with cockatiels, monitor their interactions to prevent any bad incidents, such as a territorial fight resulting in injury.

If you want to know what kinds of birds get along well with your cockatiel, read on! We’ll explore the perfect housing companion for your bird and provide tips about how to ensure two birds can live together peacefully. So make yourself comfortable and let’s get started!

Birds That Get Along With Cockatiels

It’s a Good Idea to Get a Companion for a Cockatiel

cockatiels are social birds that live best in pairs or groups. Cockatiels can technically live alone, but they become bored easily and prefer the company of another bird. Although a solo cockatiel will bond closely with its owner, it would form an even closer bond with another bird.

cockatiels Although it may sting your ego a little, if you have established a strong bond with your cockatiel and decide to get him or her another bird companion, be aware that the new arrival will likely replace you as your cockatiel’s best friend. Just keep in mind that birds naturally gravitate toward other birds for company rather than humans. So don’t let your envy get in the way of their happiness!

Birds That Get Along With Cockatiels: The 5 Best Options


Bourkes are smaller Australian birds that exist in shades of pink, blue, brown and black. They can live peacefully with cockatiels in an aviary or cage.


The splendid is an Australian parakeet, and just like the Bourke, it belongs to the Neophema family. They are very colorful birds, with males being especially so.

Turquoise parrot

The splendid is an Australian parakeet, just like the Bourke and Splendid. It also belongs to the same small birds family, Neophema.

Red Crowned parakeet

The red-crowned parakeet is undoubtedly the most popular variety of parakeet in Belgium and the Netherlands, following the cockatiel and the budgerigar.

They are more energetic than a cockatiel and just as kind and gentle. A red crowned parakeet is roughly the same size as a cockatiel, making them excellent friends.


The budgerigar is one of the most popular parakeet bird species, along with the cockatiel. They may be kept together as long as you do not breed the birds. A breeding budgerigar is far too aggressive birds for a cockatiel. While I must admit that I have attempted it and had only had 1 problem in 5 years.

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Tips for Keeping Your Birds Happy

Cockatiels and other similar sized birds, such as parakeets, love to climb onto a T-stand outside of their cages. If you ever let your bird out of its cage, make sure that it is supervised so that it doesn’t get into any accidents.

Keeping your birds content inside their cage can be as easy as giving them one or two toys to play with. Try and set aside at least an hour every day where you can spend time playing with them and holding them. You should also provide them with a shallow bowl of warm water to bathing in twice a week, or alternatively, mist then gently using a spray bottle filled with warm water.

Biting and scratching are possible when caring for your birds, so handle them with caution. If you have little children at home, be sure to watch them while they’re around the birds so that they get treated correctly. Before and after handling your birds, wash your hands well to prevent the spread of germs.

Also, avoid putting on the same cage lovebirds, larger parrots, canaries, more aggressive birds and other bird species that are larger birds with the housing cockatiels.

Final Thoughts on Birds That Get Along With Cockatiels

Now that you know which birds may live together in peace with your cockatiel, go out and choose your new bird buddy! Take things step by step when putting the two birds together and allowing them to cohabit. If you follow the guidelines outlined above, your cockatiel should be pleased with the new creature you bring home!

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