Budgies and Cockatiels: Are They Happy in the Same Cage?

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budgies and cockatiels

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Budgies and cockatiels are two birds of the most popular pet birds in the United States. Both these both the cockatiel and budgies are considered docile, peaceful, and sociable, so it’s natural to wonder whether they can live together in the same cage. Is it possible for budgies and cockatiels to cohabit in the same cage?

Budgies and Cockatiels: Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together?

There is no immediately apparent answer to whether it is best to keep these birds in their own cages, as it can depend on numerous factors. However, generally speaking, it’s usually getting good results when these birds are kept separate. In the wild, typically other species tend to be curious birds and very protective over their nesting areas. Even though your both Cockatiels and Budgie might look like close friends when they play outside of their cages or if you place both birdcages next to each other, there could still be problems if you put them together into one cage.

In this post, we examine the factors to consider when housing these birds and whether it’s a good idea for Budgies and Cockatiels to share a cage. Let’s get this party started!

Why Shouldn’t Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together in Only One Cage?

The Budgie and the Cockatiel have shared the same outback habitat for thousands of years, so they are familiar with one another. They live happily and peacefully in their natural state, and they’re both sociable birds that seldom fight. Budgies don’t consider Cockatiels a danger, while Cockatiels don’t think of Budgies as a threat. However, this does not imply that they can coexist in peace in captivity. Here are some reasons why.

budgies and cockatiels


When wild budgies and male cockatiel feel threatened, both these birds will often become aggressive in order to protect their nests from predators. While these instincts usually toned down in domesticated budgies, there is still a possibility for them to flare up–particularly during breeding season–and cause fights between your Budgie and Cockatiel if they’re feeling territorial.


Although Cockatiels are known to be docile, their size in comparison to Budgies means that they can easily injure them if there is any sort of confrontation.


Budgies need smaller, more compact cages than Cockatiels because they lack the space to stretch their wings fully. If you don’t provide them with enough room, it could stress or harm your Budgie. Also, the wider bars on larger cages could cause your Budgie to get trapped inside. Additionally, Cockatiel toys and accessories are considerably larger than those a budgie needs–so much so that they might easily scare or intimidate your budgie. Your budgie also requires different kinds of toys altogether since a Cockatiel’s powerful beak would snap its playthings in half effortlessly.

Budgies and Cockatiels

Energy levels

Just like parrot species, budgies are known to be active and noisy, while cockatiels tend to be more docile and calm. This difference in personality may cause your cockatiel stress if they spend time around a budgie. Additionally, budgies need more mental stimulation than cockatiels, so if your cockatiel spends time with a bored budgie, it won’t end well for the little guy!


Cockatiels and budgies have varying nutritional requirements, which may make feeding time a challenge. Cockatiels tend to require meals that are higher in fat content, which can be harmful or even fatal for Budgies.

Do Cockatiels Get Along With Budgies?

budgies and cockatiels

Cockatiels and budgies can be kept together in the same cage under certain conditions, although there is no assurance that they will not fight at some time. Even when your birds seem to be the greatest of pals and the situation is ideal, there is always a chance of an unforeseen confrontation that may result in one or both of your birds being injured. If you decide to attempt cage-sharing, here are some pointers.


A great way to start off on the right foot between your feathered friends is by a proper introduction. By allowing them to see each other and get used to one another in close proximity but in separate cages, you’re giving them a chance to form a bond. After a few days have passed, let them both out into neutral territory where they can play together outside of their cages.

Repeat this process a few times a week for several weeks, and then you can begin placing them in a neutral cage for short periods.


It’s also important to have enough room inside the mutual cage to keep things calm. You’ll need a cage with a minimum of 20×25 inches and 35 inches tall, but the larger, the better. Each bird should be able to take refuge in separate hiding areas, such as logs or tiny nests. There should also be adequate perch space for each species.

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Because these birds have diverse nutritional requirements, you must not give them the same food and water bowls on the same sides of the cage. It’s usually best to feed them outside the cage though, so they don’t consume each other’s food and become sick. Also, make sure there are enough chew toys and snacks available to keep both birds contented and from attacking one another.

Keep a close eye on them

Although your birds may appear to be getting along, their behavior can become aggressive during the breeding season. Be sure to monitor them closely and have separate cages ready in case they need to be separated. This is only a temporary solution until the end of the breeding season, after which they should return to being friends.

No matter how much you want your birds to be friends, it might not be possible. It all comes down to the personalities of your feathered companion birds and whether these two small birds are compatible enough to share a cage.

Final Thoughts on Whether Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together in One Cage

Cockatiels and Budgies are similar in several ways, including their native environment and housing in the same cage. There are a number of reasons for this, including size, temperament, and diet, so it’s best to keep them separate. However, depending on the distinct personalities of your pet bird, cohabitation may be feasible. They may be able to live together happily if they follow these instructions.

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