Can Cockatiels Eat Mint? Is It Even Safe?

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Can Cockatiels Eat Mint

Cockatiel Health

Cockatiels, a type of parrot, come from Australia and are part of the cockatoo family. They are reputed to be very amiable pets and therefore bred in many households. Cockatiels in the wild mostly consume natural foods like fruits, sprouts (germinated), flowers, freshly harvested groundnuts (washed thoroughly). However, pet cockatiels generally have a diet that includes processed food since they get accustomed to it at home. So, can cockatiels eat mint?

Can cockatiels eat mint?

Yes, cockatiels can eat mint or consume mint tea in small amounts. Most parrot breeds have very strong digestive systems, and studies suggest that birds like cockatiels are attracted to the scent of aromatic herbs like mint.

Fresh mint is a good example of a herb that should be avoided in cockatiels’ diets because of the oil within its leaves. Mint might irritate and even make cockatiels feel sick. How can we give mint to our pet bird now and then? If you want to cockatiels to eat mint leaves, it’s preferable to soak the mint leaves in water overnight before feeding them to Cockatiels.

Can cockatiels eat mint

Can cockatiels eat mint leaves and how much mint can we feed Cockatiel?

While cockatiels enjoy natural live foods such as pellets, green leaves, flowers, and so on, they should not have too much mint. A balanced diet is essential for their health, and mint should only make up 10% of that diet. Include more dry pellets, fresh vegetables and fruits in their daily eating routine to keep them healthy and happy. As we mentioned earlier, mint is packed with aromatic properties. If your cockatiel ingests too much of it, their body might not be able to digest it properly. To slowly introduce this herb into their diet, add a little bit each day and make sure that mint doesn’t exceed 10% of their total daily intake.

Can cockatiels eat mint? In what ways?

You may offer mint to your cockatiel straight after bathing them in water overnight. If you want them to drink it in liquid form, muddle some mint leaves in water and let the water absorb all of the flavor. After their regular diet, give this water to your cockatiel.

Benefits of feeding mint to Cockatiel

Cockatiels can gain several health benefits from mint, including a balanced diet and vitamins A, C, and B complex.

Antioxidants: Mint, like other herbs, is high in antioxidants, according to a study published in Phytotherapy Research. Minerals: Mint contains calcium (including dairy products), iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper.

Can cockatiels eat mint? What are the risks?

Dogs aren’t the only animals that can eat mint– cockatiels love it too! If you’re ever worried about feeding your feathered friend mint, don’t be. As long as it’s within moderation, there is zero risk. And not to get too geeky on you, but the aromatic properties of mint come from its essential oils.

Cockatiel parrots are attracted to herbs like mint, just like other birds. Although the chemicals in mint may not be harmful to cockatiels, they will irritate their digestive system as we previously said, “feed mint in moderation,” and on rare occasions, which will be enough.

To avoid mold growth, wash mint leaves thoroughly before feeding them to your cockatiel (we recommend soaking overnight). Mycotoxins in the stomach can be toxic for Cockatiels. To prepare mint leaves for feeding, remove the stem. Soaking ahead of time in water may help reduce oil transfer.


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Can cockatiels eat mint? The nutritious value

When fed in moderation, mint may be beneficial to your cockatiel. Look at the following information to learn more:

  • Did you know that mint can be helpful for indigestion? Mint has an aromatic smell that makes it great for appetizers. But it also helps stimulate the digestive tract. And since we feed them in limited quantities, the essential oil contains antiseptic properties that will heal their bowel moments.
  • Not only will mint give your cockatiel a refreshing taste, but it can also help build their immunity against the flu.
  • One of the benefits of feeding your pet mint leaves is that it provides them with essential nutrients, not just internally but also externally.
  • Nurture the moment: If you feel that your cockatiel’s singing is getting louder, offer them a handful of mint leaves to calm them.

Can cockatiels eat mint? – Bottom line

We may infer that we can offer mint to Cockatiels on a rare basis once they have been soaked for a few hours or overnight. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Cockatiels. We would be delighted to assist you.


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