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Can Cockatiels Take Showers? (3 Steps)

can cockatiels take showers

Can cockatiels take showers? Cockatiels can take showers, but they should not stay in the water for too long! Showers can be used to help keep their feathers clean, and to help prevent dry skin. However, it is important to monitor their behavior and make sure they don’t become overly wet or chilled. Additionally, it is best to use lukewarm water that is shallow enough so they can easily stand on their feet.

can cockatiels take showers

Can Cockatiels Take Showers? 3 Steps

Here are three steps to help your cockatiel or pet parrot take a shower:

  1. Prepare the space – Start by filling a sink or shallow tub with lukewarm water, making sure that your pet bird can easily stand while in the water and away from the shower head. You can also use a water spray bottle to help provide your cockatiel with additional moisture, keep their feathers clean and cut down on the amount of feather dust or falling feathers.Make sure to not use too much pressure so as not to harm your bird, and ensure the water used is lukewarm. Additionally, it may be beneficial to include a light misting of water during bath time for an added layer of comfort.
  2. Introduce the experience – Gently introduce your cockatiel to the water, letting them explore and become comfortable with it at their own pace. You can offer treats to entice them to shower perch if needed.You can also use a bird lamp to help keep your cockatiel warm and cozy. Bird lamps are designed to provide heat that is similar to that of natural sunlight, which can help stimulate activity and health. You should ensure the proper wattage is used for your bird’s size, as well as monitor the temperature of the cage.
  3. Monitor their behavior – Not all birds like to swim, so once you see that your cockatiel is comfortable in the water, allow them to stay for no longer than 5 minutes before lifting them out and drying them off with a soft towel. Make sure not to leave them too long as they could become too cold and wet! Also, don’t forget to close the windows your bird flies out accidentally.

How to Dry Your Cockatiel After a Bath

can cockatiels take showers

After giving your pet cockatiel a bath, you should ensure they are completely dry before returning them to their cage. To do this, you can place the bird in a warm room and use a blow-dryer on its lowest setting (ensuring it is at least two feet away from the bird). You can also gently pat them with a towel until all excess moisture is gone. It’s important to note that cockatiels often shake after baths so make sure to move any furniture or items around them as needed.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Cockatiel

It is recommended that you bathe your cockatiel two to three times per week, depending on their age and overall health. You can also use a misting bottle with lukewarm water to help provide additional natural oils and help keep their feathers clean. However, it is important not to over bathe them as this could lead to dry skin or make their feathers too oily.

Is It Okay to Shower With Your Bird?

While it is possible to take a shower with your pet birds, it’s not recommended. Cockatiels can become frightened or stressed in unfamiliar environments and taking a shower together may be too overwhelming for them. Keep in mind that cockatiels thrive in a stable environment — so if something as small as the sound of running water causes distress, this could have long-term negative impacts on their wellbeing.Can Cockatiels Take Showers

Why Do Birds Bathe in Dirt?

Birds bathe in dirt and cockatiel smells for a few different reasons. It helps them keep their feathers soft and clean, and also helps regulate their body temperature. Additionally, some birds roll around in water dish dirt to get rid of any parasites or mites that may be on their feathers. Rolling around in the dirt can also help birds remove excess preening oil from their feathers, protecting them from damage caused by water.

Can Cockatiels Take Showers? – Bottom Line

Yes, cockatiels can take showers, but it’s important to do so safely. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold and monitor your bird’s behavior throughout. Also note that only small amounts of water should be given — enough to get them wet, but not to the point where they are fully submerged. After the shower, always make sure your bird is completely dry before returning them to their cage.