How to prevent your cockatiel from becoming stressed?

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How to prevent your cockatiel from becoming stressed?

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This can show itself in many ways in your bird’s behavior, including shaking, diarrhea, rapid breathing, wing and tail fanning, screaming, feather picking, poor sleeping habits, and loss of appetite. Over a period of time, stress can harm your parakeet’s health.

To prevent your bird from becoming stressed, try to provide him with as normal and regular a routine as possible. Parrots are, for the most part, creatures of habit, and they don’t always adapt well to sudden changes in their environment or schedule. If you do have to change something, talk to your parrot about it first. I know it seems crazy, but telling your bird what you’re going to do before you do it may actually help reduce his stress. I received this advice from avian behaviorist Christine Davis, and now I explain what I’m doing every time I rearrange the living room or leave my bird at the vet’s office for boarding during business trips. If you’re going to be away on vacation, tell your bird how long you’ll be gone and count the days out on your fingers in front of the bird or show him a calendar.

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