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Can cockatiels eat pineapple

Can Cockatiels Eat Pineapple?

Can cockatiels eat pineapple? Did you know that cockatiels love fresh fruit? While it’s natural to want to share every piece of fruit or vegetable

Do Cockatiels Mate for Life

Do Cockatiels Mate for Life?

If you enjoy cockatiels, you’ve probably wondered about their mating rituals. How long do cockatiels remain pregnant for? Do cockatiels have to be kept in

Can Cockatiels See in the Dark

Can Cockatiels See in the Dark?

Cockatiels in the wild have a similar appearance. However, cockatiels in captivity can be born with a variety of striking colors and patterns. Cockatiels with

Why Are My Cockatiels Feet Warm

Why Are My Cockatiels Feet Warm?

If you ever feel your cockatiel’s feet and notice they’re warm, don’t fret! A sudden change in temperature or lack of cause is often worrying