Bird Names for Cockatiels: Over 50 Ideas for Your New Pet

bird names for cockatiels

A new pet cockatiel makes the perfect pet, and there’s nothing better than bringing one home for the very first time. You’ve chosen out the perfect cage and selected an array of enticing toys sure to keep them entertained and happy. You’ve prepared yourself for the exciting new adventure of pet bird ownership, but there’s one little problem: you can’t seem to get past it. You’re stumped as to how to choose a name that you love and that is also appropriate for your feathered companion.

This list includes all of the best names for your bird’s unique feathered head. We took inspiration from their feather colors or unique markings, personality traits, and even famous fun pop culture name to come up with these quintessential names. And because we know that sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one bird name, we’ve also included a few ideas for naming pairs of cockatiels. So whether you’re looking for a single name or two (or more!) bird-themed names, this list has got you covered.

Bird Names for Cockatiels

Female Cockatiel Names

1. Addie

2. Amber

3. Angel

4. Apricot

5. Arrow

6. Aurora

7. Barbie

8. Beauty

9. Belle

10. Betty

Male Cockatiel Names

1. Ace

2. Adventure

3. Apollo

4. Arthur

5. Austin

6. Bandit

7. Benny

8. Blue

9. Bowie


Cockatiel Names By Color 

Cockatiels have a distinctive appearance with unusual markings or color combinations, which can be the basis for their names. Cockatiels have patterned feathers on the top of their head and a set of vivid cheeks. The easiest approach to come up with a name for your feather pal is to look at their distinct markings or color combinations. We’ve included some popular hues and the most appropriate names for each one below.

1. Alaska

2. Angel

3. Blizzard

4. Cascade


6. Dreamer

7. Fantasia

8. Glacier

9. Halo

10. Iceberg

Cute Cockatiel Names

Not only are cockatiels incredibly cute – those cheeks and funny hairdo! They also have lovely personalities, as they love interacting with people and enjoy being cuddled.

If you want a name that captures your cockatiel’s cuteness, here are some of the best cute bird names.

1. Angel

2. Baby

3. Bunny


5. Cookie

6. Cupcake

7. Cutie Pie

8. Darling

9. Dimples

10. Dixie

Famous Bird Names for Cockatiels

Cockatiels have starred alongside some of Hollywood’s most iconic birds, such as in Finding Nemo and The Angry Birds Movie. If you’re looking for a name that will make your cockatiel feel like a star, check out these ones inspired by famous birds in movies and TV.

1. Alfred Hitchcock

2. Angry Birds

3. Big Bird

4. Blue Jay


6. Charlie Parker

7. Dory

8. Elliott

9. Forest Gump

10. Iago

bird names for cockatiels

Why Should You Name Your Cockatiel?

The best part about having a pet cockatiel is that you get to share your life with an affectionate and social bird. One of the first things you’ll want to do when you get your cockatiel is give them a name. This will help you form a bond with your new feathered friend and make it easier for them to learn who you are.

Not only will a name help your cockatiel learn to trust and bond with you, but it will also give them a sense of identity. A name is an important part of any animal’s life, and it’s a great way to show your cockatiel just how special they are to you. So, what are you waiting for? Get naming!

How To Think Of Name Ideas For Your Cockatiel?

Choosing the perfect name for your cockatiel is an important task. After all, this is the name that you’ll be calling them for the rest of their life!

There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking of name ideas for your cockatiel. First, consider your bird’s personality and appearance. Is your cockatiel playful and energetic? Or are they more subdued and gentle? Do they have any unique markings or colorings that you could base a name off of?

Another thing to consider is your own personal style. Are you looking for a traditional name, or something more unique? What kinds of names do you like?

Finally, don’t forget to have fun with it! Naming your cockatiel is a chance to be creative and come up with something that you’ll both love.

How Do You Know If Your Cockatiel Likes Their Name?

The best way to know if your cockatiel likes their name is to simply ask them. Start by saying their name a few times, and see if they react positively or negatively. If they seem interested in what you’re saying, or come over to you when you say their name, then they probably like it.

You can also try training your cockatiel to respond to their name. Start by saying their name followed by a command, such as “come here” or “step up.” If they respond to the command, then you know they’ve learned their name and are comfortable with it.

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