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How to bathe your cockatiel?

You can bathe your bird in a variety of ways: mist him lightly with a clean spray bottle filled with plain warm water, allow him to bathe in the kitchen or bathroom sink under a slow stream of water, or take him into the shower with you.

Bathing is important to birds to help them keep their feathers clean and healthy, so don’t deny your pet the chance to bathe at least once or twice a week. Unless your cockatiel has gotten himself into oil, paint, wax, or some other substance that elbow grease alone won’t remove and that could harm his feathers, he will not require soap as part of his bath. Under routine conditions, soaps and detergents can damage a bird’s feathers by removing beneficial oils, so hold off on the shampoo during your cockatiel’s normal bath.

Let your bird bathe early in the day so his feathers can dry completely before bedtime. In cooler weather, you may want to help the process along by drying your pet off with a blow-dryer to prevent him from becoming chilled. To do this, set the blow-dryer on low and keep it moving so that your bird doesn’t become overheated. He may soon learn that drying off is the most enjoyable part of his bath!