How to care for your cockatiel’s nails?

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How to care for your cockatiel's nails?

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Cockatiels and other parrots need to have their nails clipped occasionally to prevent the nails from catching on toys or perches and injuring the bird. Lutino cockatiels have light-colored nails, which make it easier for owners to see where the nail stops and the blood and nerve supply (or quick) begins. In lutinos, the quick is generally seen as a pink line of color inside the nail. If your cockatiel has dark nails, you’ll have to pare down the bird’s nails carefully to make sure you do not cut the quick.

You will need to remove only tiny portions of the nail to keep your cockatiel’s claws trimmed. Generally, a good guideline to follow is to remove only the hook on each nail, and to do this in the smallest increments possible. Stop well before you reach the quick. If you do happen to cut the nail short enough to make it bleed, apply a dab of cornstarch, followed by direct pressure, to stop the bleeding.

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