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Unisex Cockatiel Names

Unisex cockatiel names

Whether you’re looking for unisex cockatiel names or a unique name for your cockatiel, we’ve got you covered.

There’s nothing greater than getting your cockatiel or adorable bird home for the first time. You’ve picked out the ideal cage, and chosen a variety of exciting toys and games to stimulate your pet bird’s mind and fill their hearts with happiness. You’re ready to begin the new experience of pet ownership, but there’s one minor roadblock you can’t seem to overcome. You’re stuck on finding the perfect name for your male or female cockatiels that you love and are also suitable for them.

Here is a list of names for your cockatiel, inspired by their unique plumage colors or markings, personality traits, and even some famous birds. Whether you are looking for a name for one bird or two, this list has got you covered.

Unisex cockatiel names

Unisex Cockatiel Names

Below is a list of unisex names for your cockatiel.

1. Ace

2. Angel

3. Bandit

4. Beauty

5. Beep

6. Boomer- a great name for a crazy bird

7. Breeze

8. Buttons

9. Cheeks

10. Chi Chi – a great name for a happy bird.

Female Cockatiel Names

If you are looking for a name for your female cockatiels, look no further. These names are inspired by colors, markings, and personality traits that are often seen in females.

1. Alley

2. Athena

3. Aurora

4. Belle

5. Blue

6. Cali

7. Caramel

8. Cinnamon

9. Cleo

10. Cocoa

Male Cockatiel Names

Here are some male cockatiel names that are perfect for your little guy.

1. Apollo

2. Archie

3. Blue

4. Braveheart

5. Gizmo

6. Gunther

7. Indiana

8. Jasper

9. Kenobi

10. Kipling

Cockatiel Pair Names

If you are lucky enough to have two cockatiels, here are some names for your feathered duo.

1. Ash & Misty

2. Beauty & Beast

3. Bert & Ernie

4. Bonnie & Clyde

5. Buttons & Bows

6. Chip & Dale

7. Elvis & Priscilla

8. Flit & Dart

9. Geo & Geo

10. Twitter & Tweet

Cockatiel Names By Color 

Cockatiels are known for their slender, brightly colored cheeks. They have unusual markings or color combinations to get ideas from for your feather buddy’s name. The most straightforward approach to come up with a name for your feather companion is to look at their distinct markings or color combinations. We’ve included a list of common hues and the names we think best fit them below.

1. Albino- White or very pale yellow with pink eyes

2. American Yellow- Bright yellow all over with some gray on the wings

3. Cinnamon- Brownish gray plumage with paler underparts

4. Creamino- Pale yellow and white plumage

5. Dilute- A muted version of another color, such as blue or cinnamon

6. Fallow- Reddish brown plumage

7. Pastelface- A yellow or white cockatiel with light gray markings on the wings

8. Pearly- Pinkish white plumage all over

9. Silver- White or very pale yellow plumage all over

10. White- Pure white plumage all over

Cockatiel Names by Personality

Cockatiels are full of personality, and their name should reflect that. If your cockatiel is constantly whistling or chirping, a name like “Buddy” or “Cheeks” would be perfect. If they love to cuddle, “Snuggles” would be an excellent option. If your cockatiel is always on the go, “Ziggy” or “Boomer” would be great names. And if they are always playful, “Kiwi” or “Biscuit” would suit them well.

Cute Cockatiel Names

1. Alfie

2. Angel

3. Baby

4. Benny

5. Blueberry

6. Bubbles

7. Buttercup

8. Button

9. Cheeks

10. Cupcake

Famous Cockatiel Names

1. Archimedes- A cockatiel in the Disney movie, The Rescuers

2. Boomer- A yellow cockatiel in the Toy Story movies. Also, great for a talkative bird.

3. Gizmo- A white and gray cockatiel in the film, Gremlins

4. Tweetie Pie- A yellow canary in the Looney Tunes cartoons

5. Woody Woodpecker- A fun pop culture name, redheaded woodpecker in the eponymous cartoon

Bird’s Unique Feathered Head

1. crest- A tuft of feathers on the top of a cockatiel’s head that can be raised or lowered

2. lutino- A yellow and white cockatiel with red eyes

3. pied- A cockatiel with patches of two colors, usually gray and white

4. pearl- A white cockatiel with gray markings on the wings

5. spicy- A yellow cockatiel with orange cheeks

6. sullied- A yellow or white cockatiel with light gray markings on the wings

7. tuxedo- A black and white cockatiel

8. vomitosio- A yellow and white cockatiel with orange cheeks

9. white-faced- A white cockatiel with gray markings on the face

10. yellow-faced- A yellow cockatiel with gray markings on the face


We hope this list of cockatiel names has helped you find the perfect name for your feathered friend. Whether you are looking for a name inspired by their appearance, personality, or even a famous bird, there is sure to be a perfect fit on this list.


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